Training Camp, Canberra 2017 | Gopro Hero 5 Black
Hello! Couldn't found a good translation for my head line but all you sweedes out there know what I mean, läger äger (camp rules??) and I really mean it. Is there anything better than to wake up, train, eat, rest, train, eat, sleep and then repeat? Don't think so, and the best part was of course that it was an orienteering camp! Wiho! 
I love when I get the opportunity to run on new maps, see new locations and train to improve myself. I took some days off from school (thu-tue) just to be able to particitpate. Last Thursday I met Krystal at the Domestic Airport where we cougth a flight to Canberra. In Canberra the first days of the camp took place, later on we moved to Cooma and continued our camp there. The camp was open for all orienteeriers in Australia so there were a lot of people running around the bushes in Canberra this weekend haha! 
After five days with training in the morning and in the afternoon, and after five days with running in Australian summer heat I felt so tired. The last day of the camp I was so weak and I was on my way to pass out. Totally worth it though because all the things I've experienced out in the forests is something I'll never forget. I've been running with wild kangaroos, seen snakes, lizards, cockatoos, cows and cheeps, and of course I've experienced the Australian bushes! Very difficult and different compered to Sweden. 


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