Hey Sweden, I’m coming for you

It's weird but it’s true, tonight I will board the plane that will take me back to Sweden. It’s so surreal and I haven’t really get that I’m actually leaving. It feels so weird to leave everything that I built up here in Australia.
I will miss my friends and all our routines and spontaneous happenings. I will miss the weather, to be able to leave the house without even thinking of taking a jacket with me. I will miss to explore new places, try new food and meet new people. I will miss Australia.
My 4,5 month adventure ended up in 3 and I think that is a major reason to why I don’t really get that I will leave tonight, tonight!! Gosh it’s happening... even though I wasn’t able to study photography I feel that the trip has given me a lot. I’m disappointed but also not disappointed. I’ve seen magical places and met some incredible people and to just travel alone and do this is something that has made me a more thankful and self confident person and that is something that I really appreciate.
Now I have a long journey a head of me back to Sweden. 22:25 my plane to Abu Dhabi departs. In Abu Dhabi I change plane and fly to London where I change plane again and this time to Stockholm. 27 hours later and I’m in Sweden, but far away from home. In Stockholm I will have to take the train to Gothenburg and there I hope someone from my family will pick me up and take me to Uddevalla. A trip of 34 hours if I stick to the plan. 34 hours and then back to real life. So surreal. 
See you in Sweden


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