Whitsundays & thoughts about being home again

Hey guys! I know I haven't told you about my hole NZ-trip yet, but yesterday I finished this video from my sailing cruise to Whitsundays and I wanted to show you it! ...So my last big adventure in Australia was to visit Whitsundays National Park to see the worlds sixth most beautiful beach, Whitheaven. I stayed two nights on a big katamaran with 30 other people from all over the world and the ages from 18 up til 60. It was a good mix and we bacame a good gang who snorkled around in the blue, blue water. And yes the beach was beautiful!
The major things we did was to snorkle, eat, tan, and hang out on Whitheaven. It was a very relaxed trip and a good ending on my adventure to Australia. It was so nice. I love being out on the sea and be able to jump into the ocean whenever I want to, get a tan whenever I like and eat good food. I can relly recomend you to do sucha trip if you ever get the opportunity.
Now, I've been home for four days but it actually doesn't feels like I'm home yet. It's like I'm on vacation in my own house, but I like it. I have a lot to deal with that's keeping me busy. If I hadn't had that, I would be begging of going back Due to my will of starting to study this Autumn I have to do a lot of applyment tests... This is not something you manage to do during one day, this is something that takes time and need patiens. Therefore I'm quite happy to be home so that I'm able to do this properly. It feels good that I can give myself the time I need to finish it in a good way. I also look for jobs and now I can train how I want to, so there's a lot of pros of being home again. My adventure in Australia is now over and it ended right in time. "Finish on top" and that's what I did! 
I'm really happy that I left Sweden for Australia alone. To be out in the world by yourself is scary but it is also the best thing you can do. You're able to do what ever you feel like and none can stop you. It gives you a feeling of freedom that is unbeatable, seriously it's the best feeling ever. I've lernt so much during these three mounth. Yes I've improved my english but that's not interesting. The interestning part is the one that is about myself, me as a person and how I work. 
I've realised that I'm much more vounreble but also stronger that I thought. I've lernt to deal with feelings and problems that you're so unprepered for to face. I've lernt to appreciate my life. 
Sailing trip Whitsundays | Nikon D90 | Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8

Postat av: Towe

Wow! Vilka underbara bilder! Vad gjorde du i Australien? Reste du runt eller arbetade du? :) Funderar själv på att åka dit nästa år!

Svar: Hej och tack! Australien är ett underbart land! Jag pluggade där i två månader, i Brisbane. Efter det reste jag främst runt i NZ men även lite i Australien :) Whitsundays var verkligen härligt!
Moa Gustafsson

2018-02-20 @ 17:49:20
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