Last day in Brissie...

... Not for forever but today is the last day before I leave for New Zealand! It's also the last day for me and Kelly together and that is so weird and so sad ofc. During the time when I'm in New Zealand she will leave for the Netherlands and then we won't see each other untill I don't know... That's also weird and sad... A thing that isn't weird or sad, is this last week I've spent haning around in Brissie. 
Snabbast i Brissie | Bild lånad från Amanda, löpartjejen som tog med mig till Brisbane Athletics Academy
I started the week with planning my NZ trip, checking flights and accomondation at the Back Packers. After I went to South Bank embracing the sun with Kelly and then I went to train with the Bne Athletics. This Tuseday I ran my last training with them and as a goodbye gift I got the sorest calves you can imagine. We ran 600m and 200m intervalls on the track so I'm not sureprised but ouch it hurts! Felt fast though so it was fun! 
 Picknick in South Bank | Sara, Livia, Hannah
This Wednesday, I met my squad from school and we had a picknick. Not a super fancy at all but you don't need all the piff piff when you have each other, right? Afterwords Kelly and I went to Ikea. We ate cookies and cinnamon buns and I bought lingonberry jam beacuse this Thursday I decided to cook swedish meatballs for Pat and Kelly till dinner. They liked it, at least that was what they said ;) 
Before the meatball dinner, Hannah and I met, we went to the gym and there I trained 90min crosstrainer and then we did som boxing togeather. A good day! Good food, company and training! 
Hannah's birthday and Australia day 
This Friday it was Hannah's birthday and Australia day! We celebrated Hannah in the coulors of the Australian flag by the Brisbane river. We had a bbq picknick with fresch veggies, chicken and bread and for dessert a yummie cheese cake. Behind us we had the Brisbane skyline and a hot sun that kept us more than warm. It was a wonderful eavening that ended with fireworks and a crazy bike ride back to the city. 
Yesterday, Saturday, I woke up still full from the bbq. I ate some scrambled eggs and then it was time for Kelly, my host mum Pat and I to jump in to the car and take of to Byron Bay. We went there just over the day and it was really nice, but it was very, very hot. I was sweating so much when Kelly and I decided to walk up to the lighthouse... Seriosly, it dripped from my legs! But it was a beautiful walk and on the top we had an ice cream. Down to the beach and in to the water was the best move I did in Byron Bay. Second must have been to eat the mars- ice cream, it was really good, or the smoothie I ate for lunch.. Difficult to choose ;)
Speaking of a difficult decision.. I found it difficult to choose what wine to drink for our saturday night out.. Finally I just grabbed a bottle with a pretty picture of a fox... Later, it turned out to be a kangaroo... but it tasted fine and made the eavening a little bit more interesting. Kelly and I met up with the other girls, had a preparty and then we headed to the Valley. We hade a fun last night out together and I'm so impressed that you can become so good friends in just two month time... 
Today we came home by 4 and slept til 11. I'm so tired now and I have a head dake... Kelly and I are doing nothing haha. edit, we went to the gym! 
Now I'm even more tired. Early morning tomorrow, will leave the house 5.45! 

Heja livet

Hej, idag känner jag för att skiva på svenska. 
Hur har jag det? 
Bra! men det börjar gå upp för mig att jag har mindre än en vecka kvar här i Brisbane (!?!) och ja det är lite tråkigt för äntligen har jag hittat en rutin som passar mig, men å andra sidan har jag upplevt väldigt mycket och jag har mycket kul att se framemot. Det känns alltså helt okej att behöva lämna värmen och vännerna.
Om dagarna försöker jag mest embracea känslan och ta tillvara på min sista tid här. I veckan har jag njutit av vädret, träffat friends och tränat med Brisbane Athletic Academy. Jag håller också på att fixa inför New Zealand-resan genom att bla köpa en mössa, en överdragsjacka som är vattentät och en usb-laddare till bilen.
Mina planer för de närmaste dagarna är att picknicka, åka till Ikea, träna, åka till Byron Bay?, packa och sola och fira Hannah som fyller på fredag! 
Kuligt kommer det att bli, vi hörs!
Snaps från de sensaste veckorna 

Straddie <3

This part of life, is a part that I relly like.
Today Kelly, my room mate, and I took the ferry to Stradbroke Island. Stradbroke, aka Straddie, is placed right outside Brisbane and close to where we live. From us, it only takes 60 minutes to get to the beaches and that by go to the ferry, take the ferry and then the beach bus, and it's quit cheap as well. What a lovely part life right? 
Our goal with the day was to relax, take a swim and get a tan... Easy to acchive when you're at Straddie. 
Now we're tired of sun and salt water and we're back home. I do nothing but Kelly is ambitious working out at the gym. My cold is on its way to dissappear so hopefully can I train tomorrow!  

Graduation and travel plans for New Zealand!

A small part of my class and graduated Me in the middle
Wow! Yesterday I spent my last day with the class and graduated from EF International Language School. 8 weeks of study resulted in a degree of Advanced English, Level C1.3! ME ADVANCED!? Never in my life would I believe that I am an advanced english speaker! I celebrated with an ice cream.
I have always seen myself as quite bad at English. My teachers (in highschool) were never impressed by my work and they never really encouraged me to do better. The only thing they did were to complain. So, now I can say "in your face I'm pretty good at this!" 
The time has passed so quickly. I have already been here for over two months and school is over. It feels weird and it is a little bit wistful, but I'm happy. Happy that I took a step outside my comfortzone, happy to have met all the new people in my class, in Brissie and Australia, and I'm happy that I dared to shorten my course to stand up for my "rights" and my dream. Now I am planning my road trip through New Zealand and it's going to be lit, seriosly lit! Or atleast I hope so!
The route I would like to travel trough New Zealand
Right now, this is my plan and I have 4 stops that I really want to visit. The first is Mount Cook, wich is a National Park with a great system of hiking routes, second of all is Wanaka "the lake with the tree", acoorning to my room mate, that tree is the most photographed tree in New Zealand, so i suppose it will be worth to see? The third thing I want to see/visit is Queenstown and the nature around. Queenstown is called the city of adventures so I guess it will fit me ;) And last but not least, Milford Sound, a fjord sorrounded by high, high mountains! It's my goal and the place I most look forward to see!
I will arrive in Christchurch the 29/1 and there I will meet Elin P (an orienteer friend from home) wiho! 30/1 we'll have access to the camping van I hired and then I'm not really sure of what we're gonna do... Thurder than this I havn't come with my planning and maybe that's just all good? But Elin will leave me the 1/2 and after that I'm all alone. Hopefully I will have enough time to see everything I want! 

Happy thoughts!

I've been quite bitter lately (no wonder why) but now, after all this "drama" (the arguing with school about the photography) I finally feel that I can enjoy my stay here. Now I know what's in front of me and I don't need to spend time searching for a solution. 
To cheer this blog up a bit, I want to tell you about all the good parts I've experienced here in Australia. There's a lot of things actually, believe it or not it's not only tears and disappointments! 
The best thing is absolutely all my new friends that I've met and what we do togeather. This weekend for example, we went to Ikea (oh yeah that's Swedish... ) and then we went out until five a clock in the morning. It was so weird walking home and see the sunrise and then go to bed haha... Other times, we hang out in South Bank or try a new cafe/restaurant, we go the gym, study in the sun, get sun burned, get a tan, we go shopping and then we have to eat again. 
Another thing that I really enjoy here, is the Brisbane Athletic Academy, every Tuesday I train with them and I really like to be a part of an Australian club where I can improve both my english and running skills. And for your information, Australians are very talkative and friendly, and fast! (sadly my throat is hurting so no training for me this week :( ...)
The one thing that I appriciate the most, after all my new relations, is the nature. I love beeing in the nature and on theses pictures you see, I'm in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, with my family (who came visiting me over christmas<3). My sister and I went for a hike where climbed the top, it was scary but a really cool experience. 
On our way to the top of Cradle Mountain | Nikon D90 | Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
Snapshots from our hike, what a beutiful place 
I could do these kind of adventures 24/7, so that's why I'm longing for my trip to New Zealand! I've rented this camping van with a bed and kitchen all-in-one so I can drive around and pause wher ever I want to and then go for a run/hike! It will be amazing and finally I can have some time to photograph! 


It's time for my annual "list of the year". 2017 has been an emotional year, a good year and a year where I've lernt a lot about my self. 
Beskriv året med tre ord.
Upp och ner
Describe the year with three words
Up and down
Bästa köpet?
Mina birkenstocktofflor och min GoPro
The best bought?
My Birkenstock slippers and my GoPro
Vilka sånger kommer påminna dig om 2017?
Precis som förra året (2016) har jag faktiskt inte lyssnat på så mycket musik. Jag Lyssnar på musik när jag pluggar och det har jag inte riktigt gjort. Fast nu när jag tänker efter kommer More than You Know påminna mig om 2017 och Summerburst, det var så kul och jag spricker upp i ett leende när jag lyssnar på den!
Which songs will remind you of 2017?
More than you know, makes me happy tho it reminds me of Summerburst (a festival) where I had a really good time. The song makes me smile!
Vem har du umgåtts med mest?
Det måste nog vara Harald :)
Who have you been spending most time with?
Har du haft ett förhållande under 2017?
Ja och nej
Have you had a relationship during 2017?
Yes and no
 My favorite picture from the year
Vart reste du under 2017?
Vilken skillnad mot 2016 2017 har varit resmässigt! Började året med att åka till Slovenien med familjen för att springa påskorientering, sedan begav Harald och jag mig ut på vår roadtrip genom Europa. Och nu, ja nu är jag i Australien! 
Nya länder att addera till min lista på besökta länder: Slovenien, Österrike, Kroatien och Australien 
Where did you travel during 2017?
Slovenia, a roadtrip through Europ (Denmark, Germany, Austria, Croatia) and now Australia!
Vad var din största tabbe 2017?
Lita på EF och deras lovord om fotokurs  :)):):):) och att jag valde att göra en rund stol på Arkitektprovet 
What was the biggest mistake you did 2017?
Trust EF that they offered a photo course 
Vilka ser du som de största händelserna under året?
Jag har varit Stockholmare, Uddevallare och Australiensare! 

Jag har haft fyra olika jobb; brevbävare, elevassistent, butiksbiträde på SportShopen och lärarvikarie 

Min och Haralds roadtrip och att vi gjorde slut... Låter konstigt kanske men vi hade det verkligen så bra på vår resa och jag är så glad att vi gjorde den tillsammans. Och att vi gjorde slut är såklart också en stor händelse som påverkat mig och satt sina spår på 2017.
Jag vann min klass i Tuff Viking!

"Flytten" till Australien 


What happeneings do you count to the biggest? 
The roadtrip, that me and Harald broke up, that I've been living in Stockholm, Uddevalla and in Australia and that I've had four different jobs!

Har du blivit bättre på något?
Mitt tålamod har ökat betydligt genom att jobba på skola med irriterande elever, tala engelska och att boxas 
Have you become better in something? 
Speaking english and my ptatient has improved due to woring in school with screaming children haha and boxing
Vad var extra dåligt med året?
Min formkurva! Har tappat så mycket sedan superformen 2016
What has been bad about the year?
I've totally lost my shape 
Vad var extra bra?
Summerburst, Roadtripen, MTB med Jeanette, Spontanresan med Malin till Malin i Ockelbo, Ja men alla mina småresor jag gjort, alla orienteringar och häftiga upplevelser jag varit med om här i Australien. 
What has been really good?
Summerburst, the roadtrip and all the trips I've done to visit friends but also here in Australia
Lärde du känna några nya människor?
Om jag har! Massa härliga fina nya vänner! Här i Brissie men också på alla olika jobb jag haft!
Did you get to know some new people?
If I have! Here in Brissie and all the colleagues at work!
Gjorde du något 2017 som du aldrig gjort förut?
Jag testade på att surfa!
Did you do anything you never tried befor? 
I tried to Surf!

Gjorde någonting dig riktigt glad?
Faktumet att jag trodde att min dröm skulle gå i uppfyllelse när jag bokade resan till Australien, (låter så bitter men det är inte så konstigt att jag är det...  det är samtidigt awesome att vara här och jag är tacksam för att få uppleva detta)


Did something make you really happy?
The fact that I booked my dream trip


Vad var din största framgång på jobbet 2017?
Har haft tre fotojobb!!  (och fått betalt :O)


What has been your biggest improvement at work? 
I had three photo jobs and I got paid

Vem saknade du?
IFK, Holgyfolket, just nu alla hemma i Sverige


Who did you miss?
All my friends that isn't living in Uddevalla, or right now i Brissie


Vad tänker du göra annorlunda nästa år?
Orientera mera! och vara mer omtänksam


What will you do different next year?
I want to orienteer more and be more thoghtful 


Tror du 2018 kommer att bli lika bra?
Jag hoppas på bättre


Do you think 2018 will be as good as 2017?
I hope it will be better


Vad kommer du sakna från 2017?
Hmm svår fråga mycket svår fråga... Allt resande


What will you miss from 2017?
Good question, really good question.. All travelling 

Vad spenderade du mest pengar på?
Resan till Australien, med råge

What did you spent most money on?
The trip here to Australia ofc haha
Vilka är dina planer inför 2018?
Resa runt i NZ, träna (orientera mera!), jobba och börja plugga till hösten! (om jag kommer in såklart haha)
Your plans for 2018?
Travel, train, work and start to study
Vad vill du säga till dig själv inför 2018?
Följ ditt hjärta.
What do you want to tell yourself before 2018?
Follow your heart
So when I left 2016 behind, I wished that 2017 would generate some money so I could travel and leave Sweden and start studying abroad. Well, it seems like I didn't faild with that! Here I am in Australia studying english and I have also done some other amazing trips this year.
I wished that I could figure out what I wanted to study next atumn and I think I have... Right now, Graphic Design seems right! 
I had no orienteering goals during 2017 and I realise now that I missed it, I miss the routine, the feeling and the result it gives. But it has been quite nice to not have the feeling that I need/have to train. 
Now things finally fall into place here in Brissie. I feel happy and I can relax and enyoj my stay here because I don't have to think/worry about the photography course... Now I know that I won't be able to take it but now I can travel instead... And for your information, I actually booked a trip to New Zealand and Whitsundays! The only thing I have to worry about now is to find a flight back home to Sweden.
Yolo and peace out

52 dagar utan mens

Att livet här down under skulle vara annorlunda var såklart något jag föreställde mig, men att livet här nere skulle vara så annorlunda och påfrestande att det till och med påverkat min menscykel trodde jag verkligen inte. Min mamma brukar säga "det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig" och hon har verkligen alltid rätt. Ibland blir det bättre och ibland blir det sämre, och i mitt fall har det tyvärr blivit betydligt sämre. 
När jag satte mig på planet till Brisbane, var det enda jag visste att min dröm om att studera foto och samtidigt förbättra min engleka skulle gå i uppfyllelse. Det var det jag hade bokat och betalat för, allt det andra runt omkring som människor, staden, maten, värdfamiljen, träningsmöjligheter och allt det där andra var ovisst och det kändes bra. Med öppet sinne lämnade jag Sverige för att i över fyra månader få ägna mig åt foto varje dag. Vilken lycka. Jag kände en sådan eufori.
Ni som följt bloggen sedan dess att jag anläde vet om att det har strulat. Det enda jag var säker på, bokat och betalat för, är borta. Jag har försökt att hålla modet uppe, letat efter andra utblidningar/kurser you name it men jag har ingen möjlighet att studera fotografi.
Därav kommer jag att säga "hej då EF Brisbane jag drar nu" och det med glädje.
Som ni kanske förstår är jag besviken. Samtidigt är jag glad över att jag vågar avbryta och visa mitt missnöje och inte släppa taget om min dröm.
Nu har jag bara två veckor kvar i skolan och sedan planerar jag att resa runt,,, till New Zealand kanske, den som lever få se men det blir ju aldrig som man tänkt sig så att planera för mycket ska jag verkligen inte göra.