Last day in Brissie...

... Not for forever but today is the last day before I leave for New Zealand! It's also the last day for me and Kelly together and that is so weird and so sad ofc. During the time when I'm in New Zealand she will leave for the Netherlands and then we won't see each other untill I don't know... That's also weird and sad... A thing that isn't weird or sad, is this last week I've spent haning around in Brissie. 
Snabbast i Brissie | Bild lånad från Amanda, löpartjejen som tog med mig till Brisbane Athletics Academy
I started the week with planning my NZ trip, checking flights and accomondation at the Back Packers. After I went to South Bank embracing the sun with Kelly and then I went to train with the Bne Athletics. This Tuseday I ran my last training with them and as a goodbye gift I got the sorest calves you can imagine. We ran 600m and 200m intervalls on the track so I'm not sureprised but ouch it hurts! Felt fast though so it was fun! 
 Picknick in South Bank | Sara, Livia, Hannah
This Wednesday, I met my squad from school and we had a picknick. Not a super fancy at all but you don't need all the piff piff when you have each other, right? Afterwords Kelly and I went to Ikea. We ate cookies and cinnamon buns and I bought lingonberry jam beacuse this Thursday I decided to cook swedish meatballs for Pat and Kelly till dinner. They liked it, at least that was what they said ;) 
Before the meatball dinner, Hannah and I met, we went to the gym and there I trained 90min crosstrainer and then we did som boxing togeather. A good day! Good food, company and training! 
Hannah's birthday and Australia day 
This Friday it was Hannah's birthday and Australia day! We celebrated Hannah in the coulors of the Australian flag by the Brisbane river. We had a bbq picknick with fresch veggies, chicken and bread and for dessert a yummie cheese cake. Behind us we had the Brisbane skyline and a hot sun that kept us more than warm. It was a wonderful eavening that ended with fireworks and a crazy bike ride back to the city. 
Yesterday, Saturday, I woke up still full from the bbq. I ate some scrambled eggs and then it was time for Kelly, my host mum Pat and I to jump in to the car and take of to Byron Bay. We went there just over the day and it was really nice, but it was very, very hot. I was sweating so much when Kelly and I decided to walk up to the lighthouse... Seriosly, it dripped from my legs! But it was a beautiful walk and on the top we had an ice cream. Down to the beach and in to the water was the best move I did in Byron Bay. Second must have been to eat the mars- ice cream, it was really good, or the smoothie I ate for lunch.. Difficult to choose ;)
Speaking of a difficult decision.. I found it difficult to choose what wine to drink for our saturday night out.. Finally I just grabbed a bottle with a pretty picture of a fox... Later, it turned out to be a kangaroo... but it tasted fine and made the eavening a little bit more interesting. Kelly and I met up with the other girls, had a preparty and then we headed to the Valley. We hade a fun last night out together and I'm so impressed that you can become so good friends in just two month time... 
Today we came home by 4 and slept til 11. I'm so tired now and I have a head dake... Kelly and I are doing nothing haha. edit, we went to the gym! 
Now I'm even more tired. Early morning tomorrow, will leave the house 5.45! 


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