Ma Van Joni!

This is ma van, tha van that I rented in Christchurch and travelled around with in NZ. Isn’t it charming!? I really fancy it! It’s an old car with only five gears, no sepcial features like pace keeper or cup holders, but it has a kitchen, a bed and and an aux so it’s more than comfterble to live in for a couple of days.
The biggest con with it was that it litterly ate petrol like a hungry cross country skier... I think I paid gasoline for over 3000 Swedish krona, not fun at all. Rent a modern one if you're thinking of doing this kind a trip! 
The biggest pros with it was that it was comfy to drive even tho it was soooo slow uphill and scary in the beginning, but after a day I was all in it. If you travel alone like I did there's a lot of space and a doubble bed, big pros! 


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