Update from The city of Queens

After my dreamy stay in Wanaka I drove to Queenstown. There's a lot going on in Queenstown, backpackers everywhere who is skydiving, ziplining or climbing mountains. I was the one who climbed mountains, but that happened on my second day in the town. The first day I strolled around in the city looking for internet to be able to plan my next move and what to do the coming days. I found some and decided to stay the night by Moke Lake a 40 min drive outside the city, wake up and then in the morning head back in to Queenstown to climb Mt Lomond.
I left for Moke Lake after I had finished the pizza you can see on the first picture. It was deliciuos and exactly what I needed after my climb up to Roy's Peak in the morning. The restaurant where I sat was a picturesque one. The house was an old stone house with the walls covered by grey slate (skiffer). The floor was covered with bricks and the tables was made of big, wide woodblocks. I sat outside faceing the sun and listening to the sound of the city. It was a good moment. 
So this is Lake Moke, and these pictures is taken early in the morning. The way here was a narrow and bumpy sand road, and I thought everything in the van was broken when I reached my camping spot. Luckily nothing was damaged and luckily I woke up with the sun so I had the opportunity to see this magical scenery and eat my breakfast watching the sun rise behind the mountains. 
The day continued with georgous sceneries on my way up to the peak of Mt Lomond. I started to walk but it went so slow so I started to run instead. And seriously I ran almost the whole way up and that with my Kånken ryggsäck fully packed with my camera, food and clothes... Good training! It took me 1.5 hour to run up and on the way down it only took med 40min! What a difference haha! But it says a lot of how steep the climb was. 
Found a friend on my way up
On the top of Mt Lomond | Nikon D90 | Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
I can really recomend to run down the peaks, it's actually much easier than to walk. At least that's what I think and It feels like my knees doesn't need to work that hard as they do if I walk. Only me? Well that was my tip for today, more mountain tips next time ;) 
And by the way, this was my parking spot in Queenstown. I had my own curtain made of willows and here I'm sitting eating lunch right after I came down from Mt Lomond. Self made hotpot out of coconut milk, greencurry pasta with broccoli and carrots nomnom. 

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