Happy thoughts!

I've been quite bitter lately (no wonder why) but now, after all this "drama" (the arguing with school about the photography) I finally feel that I can enjoy my stay here. Now I know what's in front of me and I don't need to spend time searching for a solution. 
To cheer this blog up a bit, I want to tell you about all the good parts I've experienced here in Australia. There's a lot of things actually, believe it or not it's not only tears and disappointments! 
The best thing is absolutely all my new friends that I've met and what we do togeather. This weekend for example, we went to Ikea (oh yeah that's Swedish... ) and then we went out until five a clock in the morning. It was so weird walking home and see the sunrise and then go to bed haha... Other times, we hang out in South Bank or try a new cafe/restaurant, we go the gym, study in the sun, get sun burned, get a tan, we go shopping and then we have to eat again. 
Another thing that I really enjoy here, is the Brisbane Athletic Academy, every Tuesday I train with them and I really like to be a part of an Australian club where I can improve both my english and running skills. And for your information, Australians are very talkative and friendly, and fast! (sadly my throat is hurting so no training for me this week :( ...)
The one thing that I appriciate the most, after all my new relations, is the nature. I love beeing in the nature and on theses pictures you see, I'm in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, with my family (who came visiting me over christmas<3). My sister and I went for a hike where climbed the top, it was scary but a really cool experience. 
On our way to the top of Cradle Mountain | Nikon D90 | Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
Snapshots from our hike, what a beutiful place 
I could do these kind of adventures 24/7, so that's why I'm longing for my trip to New Zealand! I've rented this camping van with a bed and kitchen all-in-one so I can drive around and pause wher ever I want to and then go for a run/hike! It will be amazing and finally I can have some time to photograph! 

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