Straddie <3

This part of life, is a part that I relly like.
Today Kelly, my room mate, and I took the ferry to Stradbroke Island. Stradbroke, aka Straddie, is placed right outside Brisbane and close to where we live. From us, it only takes 60 minutes to get to the beaches and that by go to the ferry, take the ferry and then the beach bus, and it's quit cheap as well. What a lovely part life right? 
Our goal with the day was to relax, take a swim and get a tan... Easy to acchive when you're at Straddie. 
Now we're tired of sun and salt water and we're back home. I do nothing but Kelly is ambitious working out at the gym. My cold is on its way to dissappear so hopefully can I train tomorrow!  

Postat av: JUNITJEJ

Vilka vackra bilder!!

2018-01-21 @ 13:21:19
Postat av: elle

snygg bikini, moa och lika härliga bilder som alltid.
ha det bra i nz. här hemma vräker snön ner utanför fönstret, men det lägger sig inte, men min jetlag har lagt sig nu.
pusselipuss från mammaelli

2018-02-01 @ 12:21:52

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